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Teddies is a comic which is based in a fictional world where everyone are stuffed animals the comic is set in Spagville a town on an island situated off the cost of america the comic follows the Yeglabs that are a stereotypical middle class american family who live within Spagville.


The main characters within the comic are

Bob Yeglab owns his own car re position service in Spagville. He is married to Bibi who is a nurse at the local hospital and the loving mother of her children. Spag is the fun and optimistic protagonist of the comic, Frankie is the twin brother of Spag and is the bubbly, outgoing and frankly dumb one of the family and Tiana the sometimes rude and intelligent younger sister

Brianna White is the Yeglab children's best friend and she is a beautiful and kind hearted person

The family share a extremely strong bond with one another mainly formed by Bibi's doing and the all love and care for each other


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